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Home - Sweet home

It all started when one of the LikePoint founder - Krishna - a person of passion for his home was getting his kitchen gutted out and redone. He wanted an island kitchen within 10x14 area with a style that aligns with a 40 year old home - he wanted to view the pictures of those.  He could not find a site matching his needs. Krishna invited his brother Ram for help - they met designers, architects, visited home-improvement stores but could not find 'real examples'. After spending a month on the search, the founders requested  help from friends - to email kitchen photos to them, to visit open-houses, to browse internet for the photos -  but still could not find any photos on the internet. By then, it was past 45 days - they then decided - LikePoint is crucial -   people with passion for home can network, get ideas or give ideas and make new firiends!  Krishna did get his kitchen done - after deciding to go against the island decision - and his kitchen blogs are here.
We are a home-passionated team who wanted a sharing application that's truly dedicated to 'real homes by real people'. Such a site didn't exist, so we built it ourselves. There are lots of  things you can do here: Upload photos to make a movie - add captions to them and even blog them - share it with friends, view them full-screen, comment on  movies created by others - make friends with others.  We are located in south-bay, California with lots of friends asking for features, designs and we are a bunch of seasoned web developers, web project managers, marketing program managers and serial entreprenuers.

Go ahead - Join here - Show-off your home now!