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LikePoint addresses the classical problem every home owner goes through

The founders were looking for an example island kitchen in a 10x14 area and could not find it. If this sounds familiar, welcome to LikePoint! See or Share your home pictures of beautiful bahtroom, kitchen, patio and bedroom, discuss just about anything related to home. Find more here

Goodbye Pictures and Slideshows - Say hello to LikeShows to show-off your home! Create your own LikeShows, stick'em on your site or your blogs, Send them via Email and Invite others to rate them - FREE.

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See or Show-off your patio furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, laminate flooring, bedroom furniture, bathroom vanity, bathroom cabinets, bathroom tile, contemporary furniture, bathroom sinks, bathroom designs, bathroom design and outdoor furniture with LikeShows

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